Have a 6-10 year old at home with a lonely Ukulele just waiting to be played??

Join the

5 Day LIVE Kids Ukulele Fest! 

What to expect in our free LIVE Uke Fest:

  • Build momentum: 5 Simple Bite Size lessons to play your first Ukulele Song
  • Daily "mindful moments" to help our kids de-stress and cultivate resilience
  • Secret words and fun daily actions to keep your kids engaged
  • Over $350 in prizes we can't wait to give away!
My Kid Wants In!
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No Ukulele Yet? No problem.

We've got you covered too.  Once you join the Fest above, we have a sweet top 3 steps to buy the perfect Ukulele for you.

Beginner? We've got you.

Turn that beautiful "noise" into a beautiful song with 5 bite size lessons to your first song by Friday's Jam Session.

Novice or ready to hit the road? That's great!

You are in the right place for new friends, connection and building a rock solid mindset to keep you growing at a steady pace. 

My Kid Needs This!

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